How do I open my spin-dial safe:

  • Turn your dial to the left and when you see your number the 4th time, stop on it. 
  • Turn your dial to the right and when you see your number the 3rd time, stop on it.
  • Turn your dial to the left and when you see your number the 2nd time, stop on it.
  • Turn your dial slowly to the right and it should stop between 98 and 75, open your safe.

How Do I Change My Digital Combo:

  • Do your combo changes with the door open and bolts extended.
  • Your new combo needs to be a (6) digit number.
  • Press (0) six times.
  • Enter the current combo (1) time.
  • Enter your new 6 digit combo (1) time and then enter it again.
  • Your new combo is set.
  • Try your new combo (2) times before you shut the door.

Should I have my safe anchored to the ground:

  • If the safe is lighter than 750 lbs. I would have it anchored to the ground.
  • If you buy a safe from us, we charge $85.00 to anchor it to the ground.

What is a good fire rating on a safe:

  • The average response time by your locale Fire Dept. is about 20 minutes.
  • A 20 minute fire safe is pushing it. A 1 hour fire rating is very good.

How much do you charge to deliver a safe and will you take it into the  house:

  • I all depends on the weight of the safe and what city it is going to.
  • We do have a delivery trailer and we can go all the way into your house.

Can I come by your store and pick up a safe:

  • We do deliver safes, but if you want to save the money we can load it into your vehicle.
  • Remember, it is easier to unload a safe than it is to load.

Are there any warranties on the OutLaw Gun Safes:

  • Lifetime replacement on the safe if it is in a fire or burglarized.
  • 2 years on the digital or mechanical lock.

Can I change the combination myself on a mechanical lock:

  • No, you need a skilled tech. We charge $145.00 to change safe combos.

Can I change the combination on my digital comb lock:

  • Of course. Its easy and if you don’t have the combo change manual, give me a call.

After I tried to change the digital combination the light on the lock keeps flashing:

  • The digital lock is in a 15 minute lock out. Wait for 15 minutes and try again.

Can I convert my mechanical spin-dial to a digital combo lock:

  • Yes, the new digital lock is $155.00 and the installation is about $150.00.